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Warm at home

After a long day at school, on the way home through the cold, and when finally home, there is a Stoov® heating cushion or heating blanket to warm up your little one. Let your daughter or son enjoy a Stoov® heated cushion while you prepare the food. Then snuggle up together on the couch on a heating blanket or against a heating cushion and watch their favorite series before bedtime.

Stoov® hot-water bottle

Perfect for the chilly ones in bed. The electric hot-water bottle from Stoov® heats up your little one in bed quickly, and the smart infrared heating technology makes sure you don't have to worry about dangerous boiling water. You can leave your son or daughter warm in bed with peace of mind. A comfortable night is guaranteed when they cuddle with a Stoov® Homey!

Dirt resistant

Of course we are aware that children are not so good with pretty, new things, and stains are easily made. For the real messy ones among us, we have special Sunbrella cushion covers. The Sunbrella cushion covers are dirt and water resistant and extra strong. They are easy to keep clean and also durable. The Sunbrella covers are therefore also ideal for outdoor use. So even for the most naughty ones there is a heating cushion to enjoy!

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