Privacy Policy

Stoov BV processes personal data for the correct processing of the order and the payment, the customer contact, the legal duty and possibly also in the context of fraud prevention, when there is a legitimate interest. The contact details can be used for marketing purposes after permission. Personal data are only provided to third parties when this is necessary for the proper processing of the order.

At the customer's request we may remove personal data from our database, unless there is a legal obligation that requires the retention of this information, such as with the fiscal retention obligation.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Statement. Do you have questions about our privacy policy or about access and changes to (or deletion of) personal data? Please contact our customer service.

Cookie Policy

Stoov BV (hereafter "Stoov") uses cookies and similar techniques (hereafter "cookies"). Cookies consist of a standard Internet technology, which makes it possible to store and access certain information on the user's system. Cookies can be read by both Stoov (1st party) and third parties (3rd party).

With the placing of cookies we can, for example, remember the contents of your shopping cart. As a result, we can show you personal offers that are tailored to your interests. Cookies can’t be used to identify people; a cookie is only able to identify a machine.

When you visit our website, we ask permission to place cookies. Which cookies these are and what they do, you can read in the overview below. If you do not accept cookies, you may experience problems during the ordering process. Should this be the case, we would like to ask you to contact our customer service so that we can complete your order. Functional cookies may always be placed, even without permission.

You do not want to accept cookies? Check how you block all cookies or how you ensure that you receive a warning before a cookie is stored in the help file of your internet browser.

Cookie overview

Functional cookies
This type of cookie ensures that the website functions properly and may be placed without permission. We use this type of cookie for:
• Stoov platform (1st party): These cookies remember, among other things, your visit to our website, the contents of the shopping cart, your details in the check-out, website settings (cookies, language etc.) and recently viewed products.
• Vimeo (3rd party): This type of cookie supports the video content of Stoov.
• Demandware (for functionality)


Statistical / analytical cookies
This type of cookie is used to measure certain items on our website. Examples of this are how many visitors our website has had, what pages they view and how long they stay on a page. These results are converted into statistics and give us insight into the user-friendliness of the website. We use this type of cookie for:
• Analytics (1st party): This allows us to distinguish users, recognize users during a new visit and measure the duration of a visit.
• Stoov platform (1st party): This makes it possible to perform A / B testing with the aim of making the website more user-friendly.
• Hotjar (3rd party): With this we monitor the use of the website and collect feedback from visitors.

Advertisement cookies
With this type of cookie Stoov can show you an advertisement when you visit another website. We use this type of cookie for:
• Doubleclick (1st, 3rd party): Allows to keep track of which ad is shown, how many visitors click on the ad and how many orders are placed through the ad.
• Youtube (3rd party): Allows ads to be shown that are tailored to previous visits, entered interests or products viewed.
• Facebook (1st party): This type of cookie is placed by Facebook and allows you to show ads on your Facebook account.

With this type of cookie, Stoov can identify you as a user on its own website, but also on third parties.
• Abandoned shopping basket: This allows us to inform you once again of the items in your shopping basket after the website visit.


Interest cookies
This type of cookie makes it possible to connect the content we show (also on another website) to your interests. For example, this could be an advertisement that shows products that you have previously viewed or an ad that offers suggestions for similar products. Third parties that place cookies via Stoov also try to get a picture of your interests. This is done by combining information about your current visit with information from previous visits to other websites. We use this type of cookie for:
• Doubleclick (1st, 3rd party): Allows third party services to show ads to you, we can see if you have clicked on an advertisement and it is possible to use your social media usage to match your interests.

Disable cookies
Did you when you visit Stoov indicated that you accept cookies, but would you rather not like this? Then you can delete cookies via the help file from your internet browser. How this works, you can read here.

Other technologies
"Other technologies" include other ways of storing data in the browser with a functional purpose, such as Local Storage and Session Storage.
• Stoov platform: With this the state of some folding elements is remembered (folded in / out).