We heat you, not the planet

We love warmth. And the early morning sun. We love the feeling of snow on our cheeks and listening to the sound of rain on a dark autumn day.

Stoov® warms people in a friendly and eco-friendly way. Thanks to a smart and stylish design. We warm people. Not the planet. We are sustainable and energy-conscious because we want to take good care of nature. And for each other. That is why we warm people, not our planet.


Smart Design

Stoov® warms you up whenever and wherever you need it, straight from the source. And when you’re not using the pillow? It will switch off automatically so that zero energy will be wasted. Stoov® warms you whenever and whereever you need it. In three different heat settings, in various award winning designs. You make direct contact with the heat source in your Stoov®. That way, no energy is lost and you stay warm for hours. Charging is made easy with our robust Stoov® Smartconnector. 


Our planet & our society

With using heating cushions we will not solve the climate problems. But it does help a bit. It takes only one degree less on the thermostat to save 7% of your total energy usage. We make our products in the most responsible and social way possible. We produce Stoov® locally in collaboration with various social workshops. With a lot of love and attention. We do not make more kilometers than necessary to get our products from A to B. Moreover, we optimize our products, production and logistics continually to further reduce our ecological footprint.


Build to last

Stoov® is made from recycled and recyclable materials that are very strong and solid. It takes a lot of warming-up sessions, before you might need to replace a small part. And replacing a small part is easy. Because we love to repair things.