Stoov®  Baggy | bag for heating pads

Stoov® Baggy | bag for heating pads

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Travel must have

Every Stoov® is wireless and portable. And that means you can take it everywhere you want. Not just the living room or the garden, but also in the car, to the office, a concert, an event, dinner at friends, on the terrace, a weekend trip, the boat, a camper van or during a wild camping trip. And that’s why we also designed the Baggy. Pretty practical, right?


2 -7 working days
Dutch Design, made in Holland
All our products are assembled in the Netherlands. For the production, assembly & shipment we work together with various social workshops in the Netherlands. Not only our products are as energy efficient as possible. We also strive for the lowest possible ecological footprint in the way we make and package our products.
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