This is The One

Sometimes things are less complicated than they seem to be. And that’s why the most popular Stoov® cushion is the One. A unique warming product that combines functionality and design with attention to detail. The One is the perfect seat for those who love design, warmth and comfort.

With the wireless Stoov® heating cushion you can enjoy the warmth all year around. Stay warm at home, at the campsite, along the football or hockey field, while fishing, in the garden or on the road. Take your One everywhere you go.


Let's take a look:

  • Safe and sound
  • The 12-watt infrared heat element with temperature protection heats up to 42°C
  • Easy to use and easy to charge
  • Choose between three colors
  • Hours of pleasant warmth: 2400mAh li-ion battery
  • Supporting and sustainable sitting comfort: 3 layers foam construction
  • Washable cushion cover of high-end outdoor fabric


Do we need to say more?