What makes Stoov® different?

All heating cushions seem to look like each other. Right? Well...Stoov® is a bit different.  


Let's start with the biggest difference of all. A far infrared (or FIR) heating pad produces warming effects from the inside out, whereas a traditional heating pad works from the outside in and rarely penetrate far enough through the skin to be beneficial. FIR heating waves are rays that provide that deep heat you feel on a bright sunny day.


The long wavelength of FIR allows the energy to pass right through your skin, as much as 5-10 centimeters deep. It gently warms you from the inside out. This creates a soothing and relaxing feeling as well as it has multiple health benefits.


Furthermore, traditional heating pads go through cycles of hot and cold or stay hot all the time, which increases the risk of burns or even fire. Stoov’s far infrared heating products do not have this problem, simply because there is a built-in timer and thermostat that prevents the heating pad from overheating. Safety above all!


Besides, no need to hide your heating pillow under the bed or in the closet, because we designed our products with an eye for detail, stylish fabrics and discrete functionality. Choose what fits your style in the living room or garden and take it with you whenever wherever you like.