Stoov® faux fur heating cushions

Stoov® faux fur heating cushions

The faux fur heating cushions are stylish and comfortable. It is a nice addition to your interior and the faux fur ensures that your Stoov® feels extra soft.

Faux fur

Or fake fur. The faux fur feels just as soft as real fur and is a nice addition to your interior. All Stoov® heat products are comfortable and warm, but if you need a little extra softness, the faux fur Stoov® is for you. You can choose from three different colors of faux fur: black, white and brown.


Different styles of Stoov®

You can order the faux fur Stoov® in different styles. We have an electric hot-water bottle, the Big Hug heating blanket, the One Woolly, the Ploov Woolly 45x45 and the Ploov Woolly 45x60. This way you can order all your favorite Stoov® heating products in a softer version. Did you know that you can also order the covers separately?


Warm and soft everywhere

Thanks to the wireless design, you can take all Stoov® heating products with you wherever you go. You just need to charge it! Is your Stoov® heating cushion or heating blanket empty while on the road? Then you can easily charge it with the USB connection in your car or with a power bank. This way you stay warm with your faux fur Stoov® and you can enjoy the extra softness and comfort everywhere you go.