Wireless patio heating for Hotel & Restaurants


Cool spring sun or long late summer, with Stoov® you sit outside for longer on a terrace or in a bar for a snack and a drink. The handy wireless charging system charges multiple cushions at the same time, so that everyone stays comfortably warm for up to eight hours. These are a lot of cups of tea, salmon sandwiches and snacks.

Delicious in the early sunshine outside on the terrace. Without chills over your back of the autumn wind or first winter temperatures. Stoov® keeps you warm, in a healthy and responsible way and with an eye for our environment. That way you can literally optimally enjoy eating and drinking outside the door. All year long.


Patio heating reinvented


warm people instead of the air


  • Wireless heat cushions that warm your guests for hours up to 45 ° C.
  • Cleaning up is charging in the compact and mobile Wireless Dock16 charging trolley (45x45x125cm)
  • Fast charging technology: 1 hour of charging for 3 hours of extra heat, always ready for use
  • Less than € 2.00 energy costs per pillow per year
  • Payback period of 6-12 months
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly


How does it work?

Stoov® How does it work


Our heat cushions are specially developed for the demanding catering industry.

The Dock16 charging station is mobile and requires no installation. Just plug & play. The wireless charging connectors ensure that cleaned cushions are switched off and recharged quickly. As a result, the cushions are ready in no time to give your next guest a warm welcome.

The heat cushions have a sturdy seat for years of sitting comfort. The cushion covers are machine washable separately.


What do heat cushions supply your terrace extra?

Stoov® One Padded Granite





Warm your guests in the most beautiful way; by making direct contact with the heat source. A lovely soft fabric cushion that is always pleasantly warm. This will make them sit on your terrace more often and longer. In short, your terrace season will be extended because of this.

Wireless rechargeable

Cleaning up is charging. As soon as you clean up the Stoov® heat pad, our cabinet automatically charges. And then he has enough energy to warm your guests for hours.

More sales, lower costs

This heating pad is so efficient - in use only 12 watts per hour - that the energy costs are negligible. This makes this heat pillow up to 100 times more efficient than a heater and the average payback time is only a few months.





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Stoov® Dock16 Spar Alpine Granite

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Here you will already receive a warm welcome

In these places, visionaries in the Horeca have already opted for Stoov®. Step into these catering businesses to experience the added value of Stoov on the catering terrace.