Heating pillows for your neck, back and shoulders

The days are long and you’re always short on time. You can not miss out on the few relaxing moments you have, the moments when your body just wants to recover. Our infrared heating cushions stimulate the blood circulation, relaxes muscles and joints and will ease the pain. Stoov® is taking care of you. And your health.

Sometimes your body needs some extra care, when you have sore muscles after a weekly work-out. But also during an injury, being a women with a painful cyclus or just because of people get older. Keep your body warm and take care of yourself, feel happy. With Stoov®.


Ease your pain


FIR (Far Infrared) heat technology is known for an intense feeling of warmth and for the pain-relieving effect and is widely used in:

- back problems such as a hernia, lumbago or chronic back pain
- joint complaints such as rheumatism
- during and after your pregnancy
- before and during your cycle
- in a wheelchair or mobility scooter