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We warm people

Extend your summer evening with our cordless infrared heating cushions, pads & electric bottles

Don’t let the evening chills ruin your summer evening

Whether you're going on an adventure in nature, camping, taking a road trip or just relaxing in your backyard, Stoov® ensures that your summer evening can last indefinitely and you won't cool down. Enjoy outside beyond sunset with Stoov® heat pads and blankets.

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Ploov | 60x90 Velvet Ginger Gold
Ploov | 60x90 Woolly Beige
Ploov | 60x90 Woolly Beige
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Ploov | 45x60 Outdoor Green
Big Hug | Original Grey
Big Hug | Original Grey
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One | Knitted Old Pink
One | Knitted Old Pink
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Ploov | 25x60 Velvet - Pepper Pink
Ploov | 45x45 Velvet - Petrol Green
Ploov | 45x60 Velvet - Juniper Blue
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Saving energy with Stoov®

With a wonderfully warm Stoov® you heat yourself directly, making it easy to turn down the heating. And with every degree lower on the thermostat, an average household quickly saves €160 a year in energy costs! What do you spend on charging your Stoov®? Only €6 per year on average. So, a heating cushion is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet. What are you waiting for!

(Sources: CBS, Milieucentraal and Pricewise)

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Image 25985021607989
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A heated cushion:

That feels like a friend. Soft, warm and just the way you like it...

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A heated blanket:

That feels like a hug. Soft, warm and soothing. In your favorite cuddly material....

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Every degree lower on your thermostat saves 7% energy

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