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The stylish, sustainable solution at any location

The Homey from Stoov® is the ideal solution to get it as pleasantly warm as possible. Thanks to the durable and wireless award-winning design, our rechargeable water bottle can be used at any location, so you will never be dependent on the cold weather again. Thanks to the compact size of the Homey, our electric hot-water bottle fits easily in a bag and is therefore easy to carry! At home or on the road, with Stoov® you will be warm everywhere.

Health benefits

Our Homey has a FAR infrared heating element (two sides) that heats up to 42 degrees. Thanks to the infrared heating technology, the heat penetrates deep into your body, which has several health benefits. For example, it stimulates blood circulation, reduces joint and muscle pain, menstrual pain and sleeping problems. In addition to the health benefits, Stoov® is also good for the environment, because you save energy since only you are heated and not the air around you.

Do you prefer something bigger?

No problem, because of our extensive collection there is always something that suits you. You can choose between electric heating cushions, heating blankets and heated seat cushions in different colors and sizes. In addition, Stoov® also has various fabric collections in addition to our original collection, including: The Premium collection, The Knitted collection & The Woolly collection. This way we can always offer a product that suits you. A perfect match for everyone.

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