Big Hug

The Big Hug is a cordless design heated pad that not only looks nice (and is wonderfully soft) - but also saves energy!

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Image 26021722554421

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Energy saving

Stoov® electric heating blankets are not only nice to use, they also save energy. Thanks to the infrared heating blankets, you don't have to heat an entire room, but you can heat a person directly. This allows you to lower the thermostat a few degrees. Did you know that with every degree lower on the thermostat you use 6% less energy? The heated blankets are therefore not only better for the environment, but also for your bank account.

Easy to use anywhere

The Stoov® heating blankets have a handy size and the blankets fit over most (office) chairs. This makes the heating blankets ideal to use while working from home or even at the office. With the electric blankets you will never be cold again while working. Have you finished work and do you want to make yourself comfortable at home on the couch, in the garden or even on your balcony? Or do you want to go camping, on a road trip, on a boat or anywhere outdoors? Thanks to the wireless design, the heating blankets are easy to carry and use anywhere. The heating blankets have a USB charger and can therefore even be charged in the car or with a power bank. Are you worried that your heating blanket will get dirty? No problem, the outer covers can simply be put in the washing machine!

Good for your health

Do you often suffer from aches and pains? The infrared technology of our heating blankets and heating cushions have some health benefits. It stimulates the blood circulation, this ensures that your muscles and joints can relax and your pain is relieved. The heating blankets have two heating elements that ensure that the seat is heated and also your lower back. Ideal against back pain.

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In addition to our heating blankets, there are also heating cushions. The heating cushions are available in two sizes, 45x45cm and 45x60cm and also available with different cushion covers. Are you going for a faux fur pillow, a knitted pillow or an Outdoor pillow that is extra resistant to the outdoors? Thanks to the many colors and types, we have the perfect match for everyone! Do you prefer heated seat cushions? Then check out our One. The One is extra resistant to the outdoors and fits perfectly on your (garden) chair. Prefer to cuddle up against something smaller? Check out our Homey hot-water bottle.