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Our impact

We warm people, not the planet.

We minimize causing any unnecessary harm while we maximize warmth. To do so, we zero in on reducing emissions and water usage, while employing inclusive working conditions in our community. We aim to ultimately become carbon neutral in 2030.

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A sustainable milestone: Stoov is a B Corp!

We're excited to announce that Stoov is now officially a B Corp! B Corp represents a global community of companies dedicated to the highest environmental and social standards, with 'B' standing for 'Benefit for all.'

Impact Report 2022

We are proud to present our first impact report, which brings together efforts from all over the company and beyond, and outlines how we turn our negative impact into a net positive effect. By reading this report you will learn more about our ambitions, challenges, progress, partnerships and more!

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Payback period

When you turn down your heating as you turn on your Stoov, you avoid emissions. Thereby you compensate for the emissions caused by the manufacturing, transport, and charging of your product during its lifespan, which is at least 5 years. On average, the avoided emissions outweigh the gross emissions after 1 year and 8 months.

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Our impact in 6 facts

We find it important that everyone can follow us on our jouney towards a better future. Therefore, we made this easy-to-comprehend overview of 6 importact facts about our impact:

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1. Materiality issues

For Stoov, there are 5 issues that have the highest potential for making an impact, these are: safe & fair working conditions, product quality & safety, recycled & certified materials, product design & development, and circularity. These factors are known as materiality issues. We are aware of the importance of these issues and integrate them into our strategy and goals.

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2. rPet

We switched to the recycled material rPET for both the inside of our products and the majority of our covers. As a result, per product we save:
* 34.2 litres of water
* 0.7 kWh of energy
* 2.6 KG of plastic

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3. Heating lowered by 2 degrees

A survey we conducted among our customers showed that people turn down their thermostat by an average of 2 degrees when using their Stoov. The power of Stoov therefore lies in smart heating and thereby saving energy

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4. Eight SDG's

The United Nations' "sustainable development goals" are a well-known framework for a fairer future. Our impact strategy contributes directly and indirectly to 8 out of the 17 goals.

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5. Energy-efficient technology

Did you know that it takes 4 times more energy to boil water with a kettle than to charge our Homey electric hot water bottle? Our Homey is therefore 4x more efficient than a traditional hot water bottle. Besides, our products only warm you, and not the space around you.

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6. Clever transport & packaging

We try to organize our logistics in the smartest possible way. For example, we changed to coiled inner pillows and thereby reduced our average parcel size by 8.5%. Additionally, we use as little plastic as possible for the packaging of our products and ask our customers to make a well-considered choice when ordering to reduce emissions from shipments and returns.

A word from our founder Teun

"When I started Stoov in 2014, the 2 founding principles were saving energy by warming people more efficiently and creating a product with the smallest possible footprint"

Today, I am still inspired by the saying which my mom repeatedly mentioned to me during my childhood: “deuren dicht: we stoken niet voor de vogeltjes”. This means that you should close the door behind you to keep the house warm, instead of warming the birds outside. This message has always been the essence of Stoov: we strive for more efficient heating. After all, we warm people, not the planet.


Do you have any questions? Or suggestions on how we can speed up our impact journey? Please reach out to our Impact team by sending an email to