A letter from Stoov's founder Teun

Dear Stoov'ers,

Ten years after building the first prototype of a Stoov heating pad in my living room to bring my vision to life, we have officially become a B Corp. This moment is truly special to me because my goal was always more than just designing a new product. I aimed to revolutionize the way we warm ourselves. I've always believed that heating an entire room is inefficient when you can simply heat yourself. Perhaps my frugal Brabantse upbringing also plays a part - I still hear my mum saying, "Close the door; we're not heating for the birds!"

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The initial years of A Stoov were focused on establishing that we had a sensible, high-quality product. In recent years, partly driven by the energy crisis, we shifted our focus to demonstrate how our heating products can help save energy. However, my ultimate drive has always been to provide our community with an excellent alternative for heating.

Our B Corp certification now validates that we're achieving precisely that with Stoov, down to the smallest details. This was personally essential to me. It wasn't about merely adding a sustainability award to our accolades, but one that genuinely illuminates our commitment to responsible entrepreneurship. (And the B Corp analysts went to great lengths; even our cleaning products underwent scrutiny during the application process).

For us, B Corp serves as an independent affirmation of our sustainable endeavours and a continuous source of inspiration. It's a partnership where we collaborate to keep improving. I particularly appreciate B Corp's approach - it doesn't demand perfection; instead, it encourages critical thinking in both significant and minor decisions. It's about taking numerous small steps together in various domains, growing together, and continually enhancing our practices. I always think about the next steps: How can we enhance? How can we optimize our technology? How can we demonstrate our real impact?

As we conclude the B Corp verification process, I feel much more confident about our company. Stoov received an impressive B Corp score of 95.7, giving me the assurance to continue dreaming big.

I want to express my gratitude to my wife, who has supported me from the very beginning, and to my children, who have given me a fresh perspective on the world. A big thank you to my dedicated team, especially Thomas and Floor, and the consultants of the Rainbow Collection.

Warm regards,

Teun van Leijsen