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How does it work?

The heated seat cushions from Stoov® have a built-in infrared heating element (12 watts), which heats up to 42 °C on the highest setting. The seat cushions have three levels of heat, which can be selected by clicking on the label. The temperature of the first setting is 34 degrees, the highest setting is up to 42 degrees. A fully charged One can last up to 6 hours on the lowest setting! The ideal seat cushion to take with you everywhere. Thanks to the USB cable, the pillow can also be charged with a power bank or even in the car.

Curious about our other products?

In addition to our One heated seat cushions, we also have heating cushions and heating blankets. Stoov® heating cushions are available in different sizes, many colors and different fabrics. Stoov® heating cushions fit into any interior. For example, we have faux fur, knitted and extra resistant outdoor cushions. Our heating blankets are available in various faux fur colors and also in a gray classic version. The faux fur cushions and heat blankets fit perfectly into a Scandinavian design. Do you prefer a slightly smaller heat product? Cuddle up in bed or on the couch with our Homey hot-water bottle.

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