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Stoov® uses infrared heating technology. This way of heating has health benefits and keeps you warm efficiently. But what exactly is infrared heating? How does it work and what are those benefits?

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is an electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. Just like the sun: the heat can be felt throughout your body, but you don’t see the radiation. Did you know that infrared heating is also used in your microwave, lamp and toaster?

Infrared heating does not heat the air, but objects and people. This is the biggest difference with a traditional heating system, where the air is heated, and you feel it immediately as soon as you stand near it.

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The different types

There are different types of infrared heating. The type depends on the wavelength that is emitted. At Stoov® we use long-wave infrared heating, also known as far-infrared, or even shorter: FIR. These waves penetrate your body so deeply that it has health benefits. But you also have short and medium wave infrared heating.

Short wave infrared

The short type can be recognized by its bright red-orange color. This variety is in your toaster, but is also used, for example, for patio heating. This heat is super intense and is therefore only used from a distance for heating people. If exposed at too close a distance, you risk getting burned.

Medium wave infrared

You can recognize the medium type by a dark red color. This heat is also intense, but you can enjoy it from a closer distance. This way of heating is perfect for your living room or bathroom, for example. But is also used in an infrared sauna.

FIR: long wave infrared

This is the type in your Stoov® product. It’s suitable for heating up your body directly. The radiation feels nice due to optimal distribution on your skin and is the best option for local heating. With FIR, your body temperature rises and you get warm, while the air around you may be cold. It works best when you have direct contact with the radiation. So make sure you sit or lie down comfortably on your Stoov® pillow, with as little distance as possible in between.

A step further…

Okay, now you kind of get it. Ready to dive a little deeper? What FIR does precisely is activate the molecules in your skin and then penetrate even deeper, up to your muscles.

The energy that enters your body causes the molecules to move and generate heat. Because the long wavelength goes straight through your skin, up to 4 cm deep, it slowly warms you from the inside out. Unlike traditional heating pads, which heat you up from the outside in. They don't penetrate far enough to enjoy the benefits.

By connecting carbon fibers with low tension in the Stoov® products, vibrations are created in the deep infrared range. As a result, the temperature immediately rises to a pleasant 42 degrees Celsius.

The benefits of far infrared heating

Due to the deep penetration of the radiation, it gives you several health benefits, such as:

• Improving your blood circulation
• Reducing pain
• Solving joint stiffness
• Strengthening the cardiovascular system (your heart and blood vessels)
• Reducing inflammation
• Revitalizing your skin

How exactly does that work? FIR ionizes on the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that molecules and atoms in your body are converted into ions.

In other words: FIR converts positively charged particles that cause pain into neutral or negative ions. So less pain. FIR also expands your capillaries and this improves your blood circulation. It increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients in your body and so accumulated waste and toxins are better flushed. As a result, you have a soothing feeling while your muscles and joints relax.

Is far infrared heating safe?

Yes! Due to the long wavelength of FIR, the radiation is completely harmless. In fact, it even has health benefits. For extra safety, we’ve built in a timer and thermostat. This way we ensure that the pillow does not get too hot and it switches off automatically after 8 hours.


In addition to health benefits, FIR is also sustainable. Instead of turning your heating up, you can use a Stoov® pillow to warm you up directly. Also beneficial for your energy bill!

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