Cordless design heated cushions and blankets with infrared technology that not only look nice (and are wonderfully soft), but also save energy!

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How do I use the heating cushion?

The Stoov® heat cushions have a built-in 12 watt infrared heating element that heats up to 42 °C. The electric cushions have three heat levels, which can be selected by clicking on the label. The temperature can be set from 34 degrees on the lowest setting to 42 degrees on the highest setting. A fully charged heating cushion can last up to 6 hours on the lowest setting! By heating yourself with a heating product from Stoov®, you no longer have to heat an entire room and the thermostat can be lowered by one degree. With every degree lower on the thermostat you already save 6% in energy consumption! So using a heating cushion is not only better for the environment, but also for your bank account. Stoov® warms people, not the planet.

The infrared technology in our heating products also has health benefits. It stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and joints and relieves pain. The electric heating cushions are ideal for relieving pain from neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Where can I use the heating cushions?

Thanks to the powerful battery, the wireless heating cushions are ideal for traveling. With a Ploov in your back, or on your lap, you can sit comfortably warm in the car, on the boat or you can sit outside for a long time due to the warmth of your heating cushion. With our special outdoor Sunbrella covers, the heating cushions are resistant to the outdoors.

Would you rather stay inside? Then the heating cushions are wonderful to use anywhere in the house. Lie comfortably on the couch, in bed, in the kitchen or while eating at the table. The heating cushions are also ideal for use in the office, so you can create your own microclimate and you are no longer dependent on the general heating. You can easily take the Ploov with you in our Stoov® Baggy.

What else does Stoov® have?

Sometimes you need a new impulse in the design of your home or you are suddenly completely fed up with a certain color, so it is also possible to order separate cushion covers for your heating cushions. This gives you the option to vary in color, but also to order a cover for outside, so that you can enjoy your heating cushion inside and outside. If you want another heat product (with it), check out our heating blankets. Great to lie on or to hang over your (office) chair.