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Cordless heated deco cushion with a 12-watt built-in infrared heating element that heats you up to 42°C. Up to 6 hours straight thanks to the powerful Li-ion battery. Washable cover. You will never feel cold again with a Ploov in your back or on your lap.


  1. Smartlabel for heat control & magnetic USB charging connector
  2. 12watt FIR heating pad with overheat protection
  3. Powerful 2600 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery
  4. Washable outer cover to keep things clean & fresh


    Heating source 12w 25x25 cm FIR carbon fiber with overheat protection
    Heating levels
    34ºC / 38ºC / 42ºC (@20ºC)
    Heating time
    6 hrs @ 34ºC / 4 hrs @ 37ºC / 2,5 hrs @ 42ºC
    Li-Ion 10.8V - 2600mAh
    Size 45x60cm
    Weight 1200gr
    Material outer cover polyester / acryl

    What's in the box?

    • Inner heating cushion
    • Outer cover
    • 2600mAh Li-ion battery
    • Magnetic USB charge cable
    • USB adapter 2.4A (EUR)
    • Manual

    The Stoov® wireless heating concept

    The Stoov® wireless heating concept

    Smart design & technology

    If you use a Stoov® your body temperature will rise, while your surroundings will feel cold. We create vibrations within the infrared waves by connecting infrared heating pads with low voltage.

    Get your Ploov ready for use

    Step 1

    Open the box. In the box you will find the following parts: a battery in a separate box, the Ploov and its cover. The charger can be found inside the pillow.

    Step 2

    Take your Ploov out of the box and take the battery out of its box.

    Step 3

    Open the zipper of your Ploov and look for the end of a cable. Connect the cable to the battery and make sure to twist and lock it. Put the battery in the designated pocket.

    Step 4

    Open the cushion cover and put it around your Ploov. Make sure to put the label on the right side through the opening. Use the velcro to secure the label.

    Ready for use!

    Now your Stoov® is ready for use! Click on the power button to turn it on. It will start on the highest heating level. Click once more to scale back to level 2 or level 1 (2 clicks). To turn it off click once more.


    Connect the USB-cable with the charger. Place the magnetic charging element onto the label. Is the light blinking? You are charging! Did it stop blinking? Your Ploov is fully charged!

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