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Get ready for spring with our cordless infrared heating cushions, pads & electric bottles

Get comfy in spring

Spring has officially sprung (hopefully it will be less rainy soon…) and that means longer days and more light! Take your Stoov® heating cushion or heating pad outside and enjoy the first days of spring. When it's still chilly, our cordless and rechargeable design products will keep you feeling comfortably warm, wherever and whenever you want.

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Saving energy with Stoov®

With a wonderfully warm Stoov® you heat yourself directly, making it easy to turn down the heating. And with every degree lower on the thermostat, an average household quickly saves €160 a year in energy costs! What do you spend on charging your Stoov®? Only €6 per year on average. So, a heating cushion is not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet. What are you waiting for!

(Sources: CBS, Milieucentraal and Pricewise)

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Image 25985021607989

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Ploov | 60x90 Woolly White
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Ploov | 60x90 Knitted Old Green
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A heated cushion:

That feels like a friend. Soft, warm and just the way you like it...

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A heated blanket:

That feels like a hug. Soft, warm and soothing. In your favorite cuddly material....

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Every degree lower on your thermostat saves 7% energy

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