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Heat and heating are personal. That is why we think it is important that you can try out your Stoov heating product at home. So, you can experience the heat in your own environment.

If you don’t like the Stoov. Then you can sign up for a return within 30 days after your purchase to get your money back. We will refund the purchase amount within 14 days, when we have received your order in good order.

Use of your Stoov product during the try-out period

See the home try-out as ordering a pair of new shoes. You try them out at home, walk around on the carpet. Are they comfortable? Do they look good?

  • If you like them: Then you keep them and step outside with them.
  • If you don’t like them: Then you send them back in new condition.

This also applies to our products. Use your Stoov heating product at home to experience the warmth and to see if it looks beautiful in your interior.

  • If you like it: You keep it and enjoy the wonderfully warm pillow and relax.
  • If you don’t like it: Then you send it back in new condition and we reimburse the purchase amount.

If the product is damaged or visibly used more than is necessary to try the product, then we can pass on the value reduction of the product to you. Treat the product with care and ensure that it is properly packaged for a return.

Return in three steps

1. For orders starting with EN- , register your return via the online return registration portal here. 
Does your order number start with UK-? Click here
Does your order number start with DE-? Click here 
Does your order number start with NL-? Click here

2. Pack your return
Send the product in its original condition in its original box, if possible.

3. Ship your return
Deliver your return to the service point you have chosen in the online return portal

Note: the return costs are at your expense.

Do not forget to disconnect your battery from your Stoov.

Exchange a product?

Do you want to exchange your product? Please return the product through the process above and we will refund you. Please order your product of choice on our website.