Saving energy with Stoov®

With Stoov® you save energy. After all, we are heating people and not the planet. We are happy to explain how this works.

Saving energy with Stoov

Turn down the thermostat and stay warm with Stoov®

With a lovely heating cushion against you, you can easily turn down the heating and reduce your energy costs. If you turn down the thermostat one degree and use a Stoov®, the average Dutch household can easily save over €153 euros a year. Better for your wallet and, thanks to the reduced CO2 emissions, also better for the environment! A heating cushion or blanket alone won't solve the climate problem, of course, but it does help.

For anyone who likes numbers, we'll dive in a little further:

The cost of your gas consumption
An average household in the Netherlands consists of 2.13 people and consumes around 1,170 m³ of gas per year, which is about €2,300. So for one average person, this is almost 550 m³ and €1,080. If you turn the thermostat down one degree by default, you already save 7% on those costs! That's over €160 as an average household on your energy bill (on an annual basis).

The running costs of your Stoov
So what does it cost to use your Stoov®? The normal battery consumes 30 wH to charge, with current energy prices that works out at 1.7 cents per charge. If you charge your pillow or blanket once every day, it will cost an average of €6.21 per year. With the large battery, this averages €10.59 a year.

Conclusion: with the thermostat one degree lower and a Stoov® to keep you warm, you already save €153.79 on an annual basis (€160 - €6.21: based on a normal battery, which you charge once a day).

(Source: CBS, Milieucentraal and Pricewise)