Saving energy with Stoov®

Energie besparen

Besides being sustainable and stylish, with Stoov® you can also save considerably on your energy bill. We warm people and not the planet. We'll explain to you how that works...

Turn down the heating

Stoov® heats much more efficiently than your heating in house. It heats you directly, instead of the entire room. This is done by means of infrared heating, an electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. Just as the sun: the heat can be felt throughout your body, but you can’t see the radiation. Infrared heating does not heat the air, but objects and people. Interested in the details? Check out our infrared heat technology page, where we explain exactly how that works.

Using only heat pads won't solve the climate problem. But it does help. Because with every degree lower on the thermostat you save 7% in energy consumption. We manufacture all our products in a responsible and socially responsible manner wherever possible. A Stoov® uses only two euros per year. You may not have realized it before, but in this way we take better care of ourselves and the planet.

No more arguing about the thermostat

Stoov® heats you where and when you need it, in three different heating settings and in stylish designs. You make direct contact with the heat source in your Stoov®. This way, no energy is lost and you stay warm for hours. Charging your Stoov® is also a piece of cake.

With your own Stoov® you will never have to bicker about the temperature control in your home again and you can create your own microclimate. And maybe you can enjoy it even more knowing that the infrared heating also heals minor health problems, such as sore muscles and joints.

How much cost can you save?

Now you are probably wondering exactly how much costs you can save on your energy bill. According to research by the Consumers' Association of the Netherlands, that is an average of €80 per degree lower on the thermostat. With your Stoov® you can keep the heating at least two degrees lower. This way you save an average of € 160 per year!

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