Saving energy

Saving energy

Saving energy

Create your microclimate and save some energy. The underlying idea of Stoov® goes one step further than cosying up on your favourite spot during the colder moments of the day. There is a whole technical part involved as well. Let’s take a closer look.

Hot air rises, right? It takes a very long time before your living room has the right temperature because it fills up the room from top to bottom. Unfortunately, a lot of hot air gets lost on the way too. Even opening the door for a few seconds already let escape some valuable warmth and energy. 

So, what if you could only put yourself above this heat? When you sit on a Stoov®, you use the heat immediately. It warms you from bottom to top. Not only is all heat efficiently used, but you can also lower the thermostat of the house or even use it less frequent.

Stoov® is a good alternative to a patio heater, which costs around a thousand euros in electricity or gas per year. A Stoov® consumes only two euros per year and saves as well 30% to 80% on energy costs. Which leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. You might not have realised it before, but that way we take better care of ourselves and the planets.  

We know, we won’t solve the whole climate issue with our heating cushions alone. However, it does help. With each degree less on your thermostat, you save 7% on your total energy usage. And because we produce our products as much as possible in a responsible way, there are more reasons to get yourself a Stoov®.

Let’s give you one more:

The difference between men and women for example. We hear you think: ‘What does that have to do with this?’ Well…

It is completely natural that men and women find different temperatures comfortable, simply due to different physiological aspects. It means that the temperature in the house can lead to hot discussions, right? By creating your favourite temperature with Stoov®, these issues are easily solved.

Besides, …the infrared warmth also benefits your health. How? You can read that here.

And yet we gave you another good reason to start using Stoov®. Do we need to say more?