Successful crowdfunding campaign

Successful crowdfunding campaign

Successful crowdfunding campaign

We are on a mission to warm people instead of the planet. And now we are about to boost it to the international world!

Our mission to reach more people just came one step closer to its goal after a successful crowdfunding campaign in the spring of 2019. The goal of the crowdfunding was to raise enough capital to make it possible to expand into new markets including the UK, France and Denmark. This fall we launch a new website in several languages for these new countries to get to know us better. Our strategy is to move into one country at a time and within a five-year perspective to cover all of Europe. Of course, we are ambitious too and one day we hope to go to the United States as well. 

Where did we start? In the hospitality industry in the Netherlands and Germany. However, there was a great potential to shift to the private market as we received many requests from people who had tried Stoov® at restaurants and hotels. The focus lies now on primary e-commerce. In 2018 we had a revenue of €450.000,- and sold out just before Christmas. 

In 2019 and 2020 we are stocking up with new and improved products ready to warm people all over Europe.  

So, will you see more of us? YES! And thanks to all who support us, we can continue to spread the warmth. 

We warm people, not the planet. 

Thank you all!