10 advantages of the Ploov

10 advantages of the Ploov

10 advantages of the Ploov

Extend the summer evenings, enjoy the chilly autumn months and heat up the cold winter with a Ploov. Why? Well...


The Ploov is a beautiful designed pillow in different sizes and colors.


It is wireless. Which means: you can take it everywhere you want! There is even a special bag for it, have you seen the Baggy already?


It provides a comfortable heating experience, when making direct contact with the pillow. The FIR (Far Infrared waves) goes through your skin and gives you the relaxing feeling you are looking for. 


The rechargeable built-in battery has enough power to warm you up for six hours!


There are three heat levels that can warm up to 42 degrees Celsius.


The Ploov is available in two sizes. The squared 45x45 centimeter is suitable for lounge seats indoors or your garden furniture outdoors. With the bigger size of 45x60 centimeter you can dream away on every sofa or bed you like.


You can use it outdoors too! There is even a special - and stronger - outdoor cover available in four different colors. Like that the Ploov is a bit better protected against uv-light and rain. 


The Ploov has eight different colors to mix and match with your interior design at home or at the office.


There is even a Knitted version of the Ploov. For this extra soft touch in your home you can choose out of five colors. 


No need to get scared. The Ploov will automatically switch off when you don't use it. Very safe and easy to use!