Who is Stoov®?

Who is Stoov®?

Who is Stoov?

What if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in your garden, but it is already too cold outside to be comfortable? Or what do you do when you have a two-hour meeting at work in the coldest office of the building? And think about your sofa at home, cosy-ing up in your cocoon: who doesn’t want that to be warm?

Well…Stoov® warms people, but not the planet.

Stoov® (2014) is a Dutch start-up company that designs and produces infrared heating pillows and covers. Not in an old-fashioned way, quite the opposite. The designs are innovative, durable and very stylish. Imagine a nice warm pillow on your sofa, always waiting for you during the rainy afternoons of autumn or dark evenings of winter…won't that be a very warm welcome?

The idea started to pop up in the head of Stoov® founder Teun during the colder moments of the year. Why should we use the heater that warms up the whole house very slowly, when we just need something to warm up our body right here, right now? Preferably something comfortable, something that you can take with you everywhere you want and something that looks stylish too. 

The prototype was designed in 2012. The minute it was clear that a rechargeable, wireless infrared heating pillow could warm up many people in a comfortable way, it became Stoov®’s mission to spread the warmth and consciousness about personal heating. Wouldn’t it be great when you never have to squabble about the temperature regulation in the house again? And that you could create your microclimate at work? Even can enjoy your Stoov® more, knowing that the infrared rays of warmth are also curing minor health issues, like sore muscles, menstruation pains or painful joints?

We always work on optimising our products and logistic challenges to reduce our ecological footprint.

Stoov® warms people, not the planet. Are you in?