A healthy and comfortable home office

A healthy and comfortable home office
This is how you create a healthy and comfortable home office. 





1. Create your ideal workspace

Take control into your own hands! No more boring, uninspired office-environment. Keep the basics of your work-environment calm, but experiment with different color accents and nice fabrics. A plant on your desk is very stylish and reduces stress. In this way you create a more homey atmosphere, which makes it a lot more relaxed to work.

2. Sit comfortably

If you have a comfortable chair, it is easier to focus during your workday and sitting up straight and looking forward is important for your neck and back. Invest in a good chair that you can adjust, supports your back and sets you in the right position. For optimal comfort you could also put a Stoov® Big Hug on your chair. The infrared heating relaxes your muscles and helps you sit in a less tense position. Say goodbye to your stiff back!

3. Stimulate your creativity

Research discovered that people achieve more creativity in a sound environment of 70 decibels: just about the sound of a coffee grinder. Try working with the sound of a coffee bar on the background and find out if this boosts your creativity. Besides a sound environment of 70 decibels, music also seems to do wonders for your concentration. If it’s getting hard to concentrate, put on some nice music and there is a big chance that your concentration will be right back.

4. It’s getting colder… 

It’s getting colder and that means we massively turn on the heating, which is bad for the environment and your energy bill. But working in a cold environment is also not healthy for you and bad for your concentration, so what can you do to take care of the environment, while still feeling warm? Use a Stoov®! Stoov® will warm you directly, instead of the whole room around you. This means that you can turn down your heating, which is better for the environment and your energy bill and besides that it makes your interior even more stylish! 

5. Daylight & Frequent breaks

Daylight is a necessity for your health. Make sure your workspace is near a window, so you absorb daylight and get some vitamin D. The temptation to keep on working and staying seated is bigger when working from home. But staring a whole day uninterrupted at a computer screen is not healthy. Variety and movement is a lot more healthy. Try to get some fresh air in your break to clear your mind, get some vitamin D and take short breaks during the day! 

Good luck!