A special award for special products: Celebrating the Best of Design Award by SCHÖNER WOHNEN

Dear Stoov’ers, we have some very exciting news to share with you!

We won the Best of Design Award by SCHÖNER WOHNEN. Specifically, one of our true classics, the Woolly Big Hug and the newest addition to our assortment the Canvas Ploov 45x45 are officially awarded with this truly prestigious SCHÖNER WOHNEN award.

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What is the Best of Design Award by SCHÖNER WOHNEN?

The Best of Design Award by SCHÖNER WOHNEN is a top honour for amazing product design. Given by Germany's favourite interior design magazine, the Best of Design Award celebrates products that are super stylish, innovative, and practical.The SCHÖNER WOHNEN team picks the winners, making sure they are the best of the best. Winning this award means your product is not just good-looking but also makes everyday life better and more enjoyable - in our case, also a lot comfier and warmer…

Meet our winners!

The first Stoov product that won the Best of Design Award by SCHÖNER WOHNEN for is our Woolly Big Hug: a true classicof our Stoov collection, as well as a best-seller among our community. Winning such a prestigious award for one of our most-loved products is extremely rewarding for all the hard work that has been put into creating and optimising our Woolly Big Hug along the years.

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And that's not all....

We are even more thrilled about winnning the Best of Design Award for the latest addition to our assortment, the 45x45 Canvas Ploov. Our Canvas Ploov combines the cosy warmth of a Stoov with the freedom of the outdoors, as it's designed to be used both indoors and outdoors while you catch a few moments of sunshine. This truly innovative combination, that’s highlighted by the robust, yet super-soft Canvas fabric has been recognised and rewarded by the SCHÖNER WOHNEN team & and we are super proud of that!

A few words from Lisa, our Product Designer

Especially our Product Designer Lisa is head over heels for the Best of Design Award as she's the real powerhouse of our product team. She's been involved in the creation of our very special Stoovs from the very beginning and is excited to see them win such a special award: "I'm thrilled that the Canvas Ploov and our signature Big Hug Woolly, have both won the Schöner Wohnen Best of Design Award. These products represent the style and functionality of the Stoov family and are perfect for enhancing your outdoor and indoor spaces."

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A big moment for Stoov

Our core mission along all those years as a company is to warm people, not the planet. We achieve this by creating high-end heating products that only warm the person that’s using them, and not the entire room. However, design and aesthetics also have a very special place in our Stoov-heart, so our mission is not only to make the planet happy, but also all the design-lovers out there that don’t want to compromise design for practicality. Investing in a Stoov means you don’t have to find a middle ground, as refined and modern design go hand in hand with practical functionality, when you choose a Stoov.