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Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night

Snuggle up and sparkle: How to elevate your Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night

Party preparations

As the days shorten and the crisp autumn evenings beckon, it’s time to gear up for two festive seasonal moments: Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night. Two nights of festivity and fun — but since they both also mean spending time outdoors for quite some hours, our Chilly Billy Community also frightens them…

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Take good care of Chilly Billy

As the sun dips, the nip in the air can often turn into a chilly bite. But fear not Chilly Billie’s! Our portable, cordless heating products are also great to take along: Step outside with a Homey electric heating bottle under your coat to revel in the festivities. Or have the heated One seating cushion with you for some extra warmth while sitting somewhere (watching the fireworks). Our cordless heating cushions will be your trusty companions, ready to repel the cold.

Winter-proof outdoor party

If you are throwing an outdoor party: set some Stoov’s down on your garden chairs (we advise the One heated seat cushion or Big Hug heating pad). Your guests will really appreciate this little attention to detail, especially if they’ve only brought a light jacket and it turns out to be chillier than expected. Rather than wrapping up in several blankets, spend this Bonfire Night together in true style.

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That little extra

And when it's time to head indoors, Stoov effortlessly transitions with you. The chill that followed you indoors will scuttle away as you and your guests continue the evening. Set some Big Hug heating pads down on your dinner chairs or a group of Ploovs on your couch to warm them up. And from all what we’ve heard from our community: our heating cushions are not just a source of warmth, but a centrepiece of conversation.

Hommage to...

Having said so: If we look closer, a Stoov is also sort of a modern homage to Bonfire Night and the meaning of gathering around a (heart)warming source of heat. To share stories, toast together and enjoy the coziness of our heating products...

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