How the Stoov community gets cozy this season

We always look with admiration at how you decorate your home and let Stoov be a part of it. That's why we would like to shine a spotlight on our wonderful community with this article! Let yourself be inspired by the Stoov community and the way they live.

Free the stage for your ideas

Colour blocking, two beautiful vibrant colours that complement each other. Romi combines a Ploov Red with her blue couch for the perfect eye-catching spot.

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Combine colour with colour or fabric with fabric for the perfect balance in your home. Beau brings peace and cosiness into her Scandy-style living room with the beige Woolly Ploov.

The perfect workspace for your remote office is both functional and comfortable. Tatjana uses the Big Hug to stay warm while working, and it also complements the beige wood of her desk beautifully.

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Want to make your interior a bit more playful? Combine different types of materials like Jim does here: His bright yellow couch shines even brighter alongside the cream-coloured accessories and the Ploov cushion on it.

Share your Stoov moments on Instagram and use the #stoovXme tag with us and the Stoov family, and let us showcase your interior ideas!

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