NoBlackFriday for Stoov, Floor explains why!

Floor is our sustainability specialist at Stoov and therefore knows better than anyone the downside to Black Friday is. She gladly explains why Stoov has chosen not to join the big Black Friday rush this year.

Floor, can you tell us why Stoov chose for NoBlackFriday this year?

For many companies, Black Friday is an important day, emphasising higher sales from significant discounts. It's a day on which people often consume excessively, which leads to a high number of vans distributing packages to every corner of the country. Therefore, it's not solely the initial consumption that impacts the environment but also the delivery process! That's why at Stoov, we've chosen not to participate in Black Friday.

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Isn't Black Friday one of the biggest sales days for most companies? Aren't Stoov missing out on an opportunity?

At Stoov, we follow a culture of conscious choices among employees and customers. We believe it's important that customers buy our products for their quality and the added value they offer rather than the high discounts being offered. We see it as a crucial part of our strategy to operate in a correct and environmentally friendly manner. This often means being cautious about offering discounts, even on Black Friday. We understand that excessive consumption contributes to waste and has a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, we're committed to sustainability while emphasising conscious consumption.

Are there any benefits to other parties involved?

In addition to customers and employees, we also care greatly about our partners. In our impact report, we emphasise the importance of a more positive culture among all employees and our partners. Since Black Friday would increase the workload for our teams in the office and in the warehouse, we decided to protect them from this high level of pressure. (It's busy and challenging enough for delivery personnel). Due to the significant increase in orders, delivery personnel often experience an unpleasantly high workload. We believe that participating in a tactic like Black Friday will lead to a negative experience for our employees and external partners, so we just decided not to take part.

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What other benefits does NoBlackFriday have?

The overwhelming rush associated with Black Friday can also lead to longer delivery times (a pretty unpleasant experience for our customers). We understand that delivery delays can be frustrating, potentially resulting in a less positive experience with Stoov. To us, it's crucial to provide you as a customer with a warmer Stoov experience. Therefore, we've incorporated this into our impact strategy by putting our customers and community at the center of our thoughts.

In summary...

Here at Stoov, we don't only aim to deliver a high-quality product, but also to guarantee the warmest possible customer experience. We avoid discounts, prevent excessive consumption, and instead focus on sustainability and ethical business practices instead.

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