The evolution of the hot water bottle

The evolution of the hot water bottle

For centuries, there has been a universal secret weapon to keep warm in bed or soothe a tummy ache: the good old hot water bottle! In the 16th century, people still used hot coals to warm themselves and the room. Today, there are more sustainable and safer options. First and foremost, the Homey electric hot water bottle from Stoov® for adults and children. Stylish, safe and nice and warm, what more could you want?

The all-round happy solution

No matter what type of hot water bottle you use, keeping warm is always a smart choice. After all, it's much more energy-efficient and cheaper than turning up the heating. Especially in times of a global energy crisis, the idea of turning back to time-honored warming products like the hot water bottle is an obvious one. But beware:  The electric kettle consumes significantly more energy than charging a Homey's from Stoov®! So the latest generation hot water bottle is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. 

Beauty sleep instead of frostbite problems

Fancy a cosy nest for the night? Of course, you can take precautions with a classic hot water bottle and place it in the bed about 15 minutes before bedtime to warm it up. Our Homey electric hot water bottle works with infrared technology and warms the person sustainably by stimulating the blood circulation. And what's also nice: it helps against stomach cramps. This is because the heat activates the heat receptors in the skin and blocks the pain receptors. So the pain signal does not reach the brain. And as icing on the cake, the infrared rays of the Homey also deeply relax your fascia tissue and muscles. 

Stay warm on-the-go

The Homey is a beautiful electric hot water bottle for adults and children. With a full battery, it keeps you nice and warm for up to 3 hours. Thanks to its convenient size, you can take it with you wherever you go. So you can easily put the hot water bottle in your bag for your camping adventures, café moments or on a road trip!

The benefits of the Homey

The electric hot water bottle is our favorite heat friend, and here's why: 

  • No messing around with hot water: always 100% safe, even for little ones
  • On and go: no need to wait for the kettle, you are instantly warm and cosy at the touch of a button
  • Extra pain relief: the clever infrared technology penetrates deep into your body and helps you relax  
  • Rechargeable and wireless: wherever you go, you stay warm with the Homey

Prefer something a bit bigger?

Is the Homey electric hot water bottle a bit too small for you? Then too, we have the perfect solution for you. Discover our heat pads and heat blankets, and stay warm wherever you go.