The making of: The Frosty Costume

The making of: The Frosty Costume

A huge woolen jumper with an extra cardigan over it, a knitted XXL scarf, thermal socks, a hat and mittens... Hidden somewhere under all these layers is a little creature: the Frosty. Because Stoov® is there for people who are cold, we have made it our job to bring warmth and life to the Frosties. How do we bring this little creature, hidden under warm and soft fabrics, to life? We put it down to creative strategy agency Fitzroy and design firm Deux d'Amsterdam. Read more about the creation of the Frosty here!

The idea of the Frosty

Stoov® is a savior for people who are always cold and that's how we want to portray Stoov®, is the ultimate goal of Ilse, Head of Brand & Communication. "With the desire for a new, unique brand campaign, we knocked on Fitzroy's door. They gave us a handful of ideas, including the Frosty. That one immediately hit home with us and together we continued to develop the creative concept."

From Iceland to the creation of the Frosty costume

The idea for the costume came from Thomas van Driel, Assistant Creative Director at Fitzroy. He was on holiday in Iceland with his shivering girlfriend who was wearing multiple coats, a scarf and also a blanket around her. "This is where the idea of a creature - the Frosty - in multiple layers was born," Thomas says.

And then….

The costume shouldn't be too bulky, regardless of size, and the brand also had to be easily recognizable: "We wanted to push the edge with fashion, but of course with a big Stoov® sauce over it," says Thomas, "We did this by using the colors and fabrics as a unifying element, with the TV commercial in mind."


In the commercial, you can see Sarah, our Frosty, being handed a Stoov® heated cushion in the same colour as her Frsoty costume. Full of joy, she embraces her new source of warmth, throws off the costume and the closing of the advert reads, "Welcome back Sarah!"

From sketch to lifelike

After considerable sparring and sketching, the concept was brought to life by Deux d'Amsterdam: an agency which has been putting together the most imaginative and fairy-tale costumes for years. "It was up to them to bring my rough sketches to life in their sewing workshop," says Thomas.


They set to work sourcing the right fabrics, sourcing different jumpers, coats and other winter clothes together and cutting them up to come up with the final concept. The final result also features several Stoov® fabrics. "It has become a created chaos, in which we see a lot of recognition. We are very happy with the Frosty Costume!" says Ilse and her team.