Hello sun, farewell winter dip!

Hello sun, farewell winter dip!

The past few days have shown once again that the sun makes us happy. Sunlight does us good. It gives us joy and floods us with warmth. Warmth that we people, but also animals, love very much. That warmth and light cause us to produce more happiness hormones, making us more energetic to get through the day. But what does sunlight consist of and what exactly is the heat that you feel?


Strong and healthy by the sun

The light and especially the warmth of the sun give you a wonderful feeling. But your body also needs it to stay healthy, because the sun makes vitamin D available: that ensures strong bones and a good immune system. Even 15 minutes of sunshine will generate enough vitamin D to get you through the day invincibly. But beware! It's easy to get too much sun and risk getting sunburnt, which is something you definitely don't want. So always make sure you put on plenty of (nature-friendly) sun cream, and get out of the sun on time.


The trio of the sun

Sunlight consists of three types of light:

  • Visible light: that what you see
  • Ultraviolet light (UV-A and UV-B): what makes your skin move
  • Infrared light: that what you feel

Ultraviolet light from the sun consists mainly of UV-A. It penetrates deep into your skin, where it sets your cells in motion. This is not necessarily a good thing, as it can cause unwanted damage to your body's collagen and elastin. UV-B stays more on the surface and produces vitamin D, which makes you strong. This is the radiation that gives your skin its lovely tan, but can also cause sunburn.

Infrared light from the sun is what gives you a wonderful feeling of warmth throughout your body. This kind of light is in principle completely safe, but if it is too intense it can damage your retina. That's why your eyes like it a lot better outside in the summer with sunglasses on!


Enjoy infrared heating safely

So it is clear that you enjoy the light of the sun as well as the warmth. Unfortunately, this warmth is not always safe to enjoy for long. Would you like to be warm all the time, even outside the sun? Then a heating cushion or blanket from our collection is a handy solution. We work with infrared heating technology that is completely safe and also has health benefits! We use longwave infrared, which is most ideal for warming up your body directly. The radiation feels nice and you get comfortably warm.

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Enjoy the sun, but responsibly! Enjoy the warmth, always with Stoov®!