Winter, mountains, skiing and still nice and warm: 5 tips

Winter, mountains, skiing and still nice and warm: 5 tips

Keep warm during winter sports with these 5 tips

You come out of your hotel or apartment in the morning and are ready for the day. But then the first ski lift is waiting for you and the sharp wind and cold chill you completely. First your hands and feet freeze. Then your ears and nose. When friends or family want to take a break on the terrace, the very thought of it makes you shiver... Don't worry: we have tips on how to keep warm and continue enjoying the winter wonderland!


#1 Warm up during the breaks

Opt for a hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate: because warmth from within is good for you. Then wrap your hands around the warm mug. Unfortunately, the cold air only cools down hot drinks quickly. So it's better if you are also warmed from "below". Stoov® heating blankets are ideal for this - and you can easily roll them up and take them with you in your backpack!


#2 Don't forget your head!

On average, you lose up to 10% of your body heat through your head. That's why it's important to wear a good, lined helmet. This is not only for safety, but also for heat retention. If the weather conditions are really unfavourable (for frostbite), you can also wear an extra balaclava under your helmet.


#3 Wear several layers: preferably thermal clothing.

Make use of the onion principle! The air between the layers provides extra insulation. Important: Put on the different layers of clothing when you are still nice and warm in the morning, so that your body retains the heat under and between the layers for as long as possible. Clothing with special thermal fibres and thermo-regulating properties is ideal!


#4 Keep your hands and feet warm

On the slopes you will see many people wearing mittens instead of gloves. And not without reason, because in a mitten the fingers keep each other warm, so to speak. So make sure you don't lace your ski boot too tightly: your toes have room to keep each other warm. In addition, you make sure that the blood circulation in your feet is not slowed down by a ski boot that is too tight.


#5 A warm muscle means more fun

When skiing or snowboarding, you're on your feet a lot and you're putting your muscles through their paces. So it's important to soothe your muscles after a workout with some magnesium and deep-relaxing heat. Infrared heat like that from Stoov® products is particularly beneficial: it penetrates deep into the muscles and stimulates your body's blood circulation.


Bonus tip: Try out Stoov® at the PURE Resorts in Austria

Would you like to feel this deep warmth for yourself? Preferably right where it's really cold: Then we can only heartily recommend you to go to Austria to the PURE Resort Warth-Arlberg and the PURE Resort Ehrwald. Because there, the Stoov® heating pads are ready and waiting for guests in the beautiful flats and penthouses. So you can wrap up comfortably after a long day of skiing without turning up the heating. And with the infrared technology of a Stoov® heating cushion or a heating blanket, muscles are sustainably warmed and blood circulation is stimulated. Sore muscles don't stand a chance! You can also make the most of winter and your holiday moment at the PURE resorts because the restaurants are equipped with Stoov® heating pads. Sitting on the terrace after skiing and enjoying the mountain panorama? Even frostbite can do that!