Women enjoy warmth the most

Women enjoy warmth the most

We know better than anyone that warmth is wonderful. And we’re increasingly coming across studies that show the positive effects of warmth. One study shows that women's cognitive performance improves with higher temperatures.

The difference between men and women

It is true that women feel cold more easily than men. Men produce more body heat than women. That is why women thrive better in warmer temperatures. Men find it pleasant at 21 degrees, whereas for most women it is from 24 degrees.

Better performance in warmer temperatures

Research* shows that women also perform better when the temperature is pleasant for them. Men generally perform better when it’s slightly less warm, but the adverse effect appears to be greatest in women.

*Research by Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB) and the USC Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles.


No perfect middle ground

There is quite a difference between 21 and 24 degrees. There is no golden mean for maintaining a certain temperature in an office, for example. We often see that heating and cooling in buildings are adjusted to male standards, which is not always desirable for all the people present.

​​Battle for the right temperature

Not only at the office, but also at home (especially now with working from home) there is a battle for the right temperature. Men want it lower and women want it higher. So create your own micro-climate, for example with a Stoov®. That way, your cognitive skills are no longer dependent on other people turning the thermostat up or down!


Warmth deep inside your body

Stoov® warms you with long wave infrared radiation (FIR). The radiation reaches molecules deep in your skin, up to 4 centimetres. As a result, you generate heat from the inside out. Because this happens from deep inside your body, it also brings various health benefits. It relieves aches and pains in your back, improves your blood circulation and gets rid of toxins. The result? A soothing, warm feeling as your muscles and joints relax. Everywhere you go. Want to know more about our technology? Read it here.