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We don't do Black Friday

"You buy a Stoov because you're cold, not because it's Black Friday".

Stoov stands for personal warmth, sincere attention and sustainability. As far as we're concerned, Black Friday puts unnecessary pressure on you as a consumer, on us as a team and on our shipping and delivery partners. That's why Stoov doesn't have a Black Friday. Enjoy the warmth when and where you want.

Teun van Leijsen - founder & CEO

At Stoov, we stand for sustainability, paying attention and making conscious choices that contribute to a better environment. That's our focus every day. A phenomenon like Black Friday seems to be at odds with that, which means it doesn't exactly align with our core values. No one on our team supports the thoughtless consumerism that Black Friday fuels or the extra carbon emissions caused by all those extra orders going around the world.

We do, however, support the well-considered choice that our customers make for sustainable solutions. You don't buy a Stoov because it's Black Friday, but because you're cold and you want to find a way to warm yourself sustainably. We do not want to unnecessarily increase the pressure on customers but allow them to choose a product with care through an extended return period of 60 days.

Stoov won't be having a Black Friday sale but will always have a fair price for a high-quality and sustainable product.

Black Friday's Impact

We would be happy to tell you more about the impact of Black Friday on the environment, our behaviour as consumers and the reason of existence of small businesses. It's just one Friday in the year, which hides behind the name Black Friday for a reason. To ensure that we become more aware of the consequences of our consumer culture on society and the world. Just buying something to buy it, not because you really need it. That's at odds with conscious consumption. And if you ask us, this is the last thing we need in an age of mass consumption, environmental pollution, an ocean full of plastic and an increasing shortage of raw materials. For all those millions of items sold on Black Friday, large amounts of raw materials are extracted from the earth. And unfortunately only for a short life span. Moreover, production and transport cost a lot of energy.

Essent (dutch energy supplier) calculated the CO2 emissions from Black Friday purchases: 'Assume that 2.8 million orders are delivered, that means a distance of more than 19 million kilometres by delivery vans and 105,000 km by trucks. Delivering all Black Friday orders will result in total CO2 emissions of 300,390 kg for vans and 94,500 kg for trucks.'

Unbelievable, right? Whereas we're working every day to develop and implement solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions from the production and transport of our cushions. Our motto is 'every little bit helps'. Fortunately, people are paying more attention to sustainability, and more brands and retailers are refusing to participate in discount phenomena like Black Friday.

It doesn't feel right for us to tempt you to buy more than you need. We assume that you make a conscious choice in what you purchase because, hopefully, like us, you want to contribute to reducing our footprint.

Stay warm!

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