With the accessories of our cordless design heating products you can continue to enjoy hours of warmth.

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Your Stoov® is made out of separate parts, so when the moment comes to say goodbye to your Stoov®, you can properly separate it with the waste. You also won’t have to immediately dispose of your Stoov® in the event that something breaks, because you can easily order a new part. From cushion cover to battery, a lot more sustainable! In addition, the Stoov® cushion covers are made of good quality fabric, which guarantees an average longer life than other fabrics.

USB charger

You charge your Stoov® with a USB charger. This means that you can also charge it in your car or with a power bank. Very handy if you take your Stoov® with you on the road. Are you going on a trip, on the boat, in the garden or even in different places at home? Thanks to the handy wireless design, you can easily take your Stoov® anywhere.


All parts are made with great attention to quality and durability. If a part does break, you can easily replace that part instead of buying a new Stoov® right away. But wait! Does the battery stop working within a year? Then that is covered by the warranty and we will send a new battery free of charge. All other parts are covered by a two-year warranty. So always contact us to be sure.