Stoov® ensures that your summer evening on the camping can last indefinitely and you won't cool down. Enjoy outside until after the last light with Stoov® heat pads and blankets.

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Traveling with Stoov®

You can charge your Stoov® and then use it wirelessly. This makes it easy to take all Stoov® heated cushions and heated blankets with you when traveling. Thanks to the USB connection you can even charge the heating products in your car or camper, but also with a power bank of course! In this way you are assured of the warmth of Stoov®, wherever you go.

Different heating settings

Charged and packed you will soon be comfortable and warm on the road for up to five hours. Did you know that you can set the heating of your Stoov® yourself? From warm to warmer, to warmest. With three different settings in your Stoov®, there is a match for everyone.

Stylish and quality covers

The covers of Stoov® are of high quality and can therefore handle an active, outdoor life perfectly. Do you mainly use your Stoov® outdoors? Our Premium Sunbrella® covers are specially made for that. The color of your Stoov® remains beautiful, because the covers are dirt and water repellent and resistant to sunlight.