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4500mAh Battery

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70% more power with the new 4500mAh battery. Stay warm for an extra long time when and where you need it.

Heating time 4500mAh 12w (One & Ploov) 18w (Big Hug & Homey)
9 hours 6 hours
6 hours 4 hours
4,5 hours 3 hours
Charge time
charge 80% (100%)
4 hours (8 hours) 4 uur (8 hours)
with fastcharger* 80% (100%) 2 hours (4 hours) 2 uur (4 hours)

* Quick charger available separately

N.B. we can only guarantee safe use when using original Stoov products.

Smart design & technology

If you use a Stoov® your body temperature will rise, while your surroundings will feel cold. We create vibrations within the infrared waves by connecting infrared heating pads with low voltage.

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