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Stoov® relieves pain

Stoov® heating products work with the most effective infrared heat technology, called: Far Infrared (FIR). Thanks to infrared technology, all Stoov® heated cushions and blankets provide warmth and comfort. With the infrared technology, the heating products stimulate your blood circulation, which relaxes muscles and joints and relieves pain. Do you often suffer from pain in your shoulders, neck or back? The Stoov® heating cushions are flexible and comfortable, so you can easily relieve your shoulders, neck and back from the pain.

Especially for your lower back

Do you often suffer from a painful or stiff lower back? The heating blankets warm your buttocks and your lower back. The electric blankets are easy to hang over your chair, so you can enjoy your work while also soothing your aching back.

Stoov® heating products are also ideal for muscle pain and menstrual pain. Lie down comfortably with the Big Hug heating blanket under you, or a Ploov in your back. Or cuddle with our Homey hot-water bottle, which you can hold close to you.

Saving energy

The infrared technology not only helps against pain, but also ensures that you are immediately heated, and that an entire space around you does not have to be heated. This way you have it nice and warm yourself, but the thermostat can be a few degrees lower. You already save 7% energy per degree lower on the thermostat! Stoov® heating products are therefore not only very comfortable and pain relieving, they also ensure less energy consumption and therefore lower costs.