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Besides the fact that a Stoov® is nice for yourself, it is also a very nice gift. But how do you find the perfect gift? Below we tell you more about the Stoov® heating cushions and heating blankets to help you find the perfect match between gift and recipient. Who wouldn't want a gift that will keep them warm during the colder days?

The stylish Ploov is for relaxing at home

The Ploov heated cushion is perfectly made for a comfortable placing in your back. It feels like your back is getting a warm hug. Imagine how good it would be to relax with a warm pillow in your back, while reading a book at your favorite place in the house.

The infrared heating also has health benefits. It relaxes your muscles, which reduces back pains and improves your blood circulation. This is the perfect gift for someone who has these pains, or for your hard working friends who deserve to have some relaxation after a long day.

The Big Hug is for hard workers at home or at the office

The Big Hug and the Big Hug XL heating blanket are perfect for people who are hard workers and spend most days behind a desk. Especially in the early mornings when it is difficult to get out of your warm bed and move to your office chair. With the Big Hug you ensure a comfortable, warm chair and it’s no punishment anymore to get out of bed. And it also helps relaxing your muscles so you can stay focused.

The Big Hug is not just super comfortable in your office chair. It is also perfect to relax with on the couch while you dream away watching your favorite TV show.

The Homey is for snuggling fans

Do you know someone who always makes a hot-water bottle when it’s cold, for on the couch or in bed? Then the Homey electric hot-water bottle is the perfect gift. With the Homey you never have to wait for the water to boil or be afraid of spilling boiling water, you just turn it on and snuggle up against it for hours. The Homey gets comfortably warm on one side and is instantly ready to get snuggled.

Of course you can use all Stoov® products for all of the above. But some are just a bit more perfect for specific situations than others. Have you already decided which one to give?